Newsmax Host Likens Donald Trump To Emmett Till

In what may be the worst example of MAGA’s “oppressed white people” BS yet, Newsmax host Greg Kelly suggested that fat cat Donald Trump, convicted of 34 felonies for criminally doctoring business records in order to hide from voters his affair with a porn star, is as big a victim as Emmett Till.

Till was “kidnapped, beaten, shot in the head, had a large metal fan tied to his neck with barbed wire, and was thrown into the Tallahatchie River,” as per the FBI. The two white men charged with his murder later confessed but were acquitted by an all-white jury after a quick trial.

But in the never-ending right-wing effort to paint Trump as the world’s biggest victim – who somehow masterfully ran the country anyway – Kelly suggested Trump is a modern-day Till.

First, Kelly argued that those who think Trump’s 34 felony convictions are legit are “hiding! Hiding behind this verdict.” There is no jury of Trump’s peers because he has no peers, Kelly claimed. “A jury did it,” he mocked. “I’ve heard that excuse before.”

Then Kelly segued right into Till:

KELLY: Emmett Till, young man, beaten to death all the way back in the 1950s. What did he do? He said hello to a white woman, something like that. And an all-white mob beat him to death and three people, I believe, were arrested. And the jury said, “we don’t see no problem here” and let him go, right? A jury of the accusers’ peers found nothing to see here. So jury, I’m told, gets it wrong sometimes. Seems to be a lot of people who think that a lot of murderers were let free that day. All right, so we’ve seen this before.

Sorry, Greg. We may have seen this before, but definitely not with fat-cat Trump. For one thing, Trump was acquitted of not one or two but 34 felonies in the New York criminal case. His own attorney didn’t complain about the jury. In fact, he said that as they waited for a verdict, he reassured Trump “everything was proceeding like it should.”

That’s not counting the fact that Trump has been indicted by three other grand juries, for a total of 54 more felony charges related to his efforts to steal the 2020 election and actually stealing classified documents, plus a New York judge found he had committed hundreds of millions of dollars in fraud.

Also, unlike Till, whose only “crime” was supposedly whistling at a white woman, Trump boasted on videotape about sexually assaulting women. That was before a jury found he had sexually abused E. Jean Carroll, then defamed her after she accused him.

In other words, there is more than enough evidence that Trump is one huge, lying sleazebag who has gotten away with grifting and worse up until recently.

But we know what Kelly was really up to. Besides undermining our system of justice, he’s playing the ridiculous MAGA card that Trump is some kind of soulmate of Blacks.

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