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Newsmax Hella Mad At Oliver Anthony For Not Being MAGA


Oliver Anthony’s devoted base over his out-of-the-blue song ‘Rich Men North of Richmond’ is suddenly not so loyal. I became a fan of his music, and like others, I suspected that he was a right winger, but you don’t have to do the politics thing with good music. His song reminded me of my old protest days during Occupy Wall Street. I suspect that everyone had a time that they could relate the song to.

And much to Anthony’s surprise, his song was used during the Republican Primary Presidential debate. He found that funny because the song was about the individuals on stage.

“Well, it was funny seeing my song in the presidential debate, like I wrote that song about those people, so for them to have to sit there and listen to that, that cracks me up,” he said, adding that the song had nothing to do with Joe Biden.

Newsmax is not happy about that.

“Oh, well, of course, they’re (the left) excited about this because he’s not overtly coming out as partisan,” the Newsmax contributor said. “But when I initially saw this headline, I was like, are you kidding me?”

Then she suggested that Oliver Anthony owes MAGA something.

Like, this is a group of people that made your song wildly famous, and you can’t write a song that’s only about politics,” she continued. “He’s not talking about rainbows and butterflies, okay? He’s talking about politics and then wondering why the political zeitgeist picks this up.”

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