Netflix’s next game show is Million Dollar Secret

Netflix has a new game show on the way called Million Dollar Secret. Netflix says that the eight-episode series will set 11 contestants on the hunt for a 12th one who’s been given a $1 million prize in an effort to be the last person standing (and win that prize).

The show seems to be aimed at the same audience that made the similarly dystopian-in-tone Squid Game: The Challenge the 15th-most watched TV show on Netflix in the second half of 2023 with over 33 million views (enough to slightly edge out CoComelon S1, Suits S1, and The Crown S6 but still well short of CoComelon S8).

Once the $1 million prize holder is found and eliminated by another contestant, the money goes to them, Netflix wrote. But it involves some strategy: players who find that prize early will become everyone else’s target, but if they wait, they stand less of a chance of finding the person who has the cash. Netflix apparently calls it “a game of strategy and alliances.”

British actor Peter Serafinowicz will host Million Dollar Secret. If you don’t know Serafinowicz’s name, you may know his face. He starred as Shaun’s grumpy, responsible roommate (and, later, shower zombie) in Shaun of the Dead, for instance, and as the titular blue hero of Amazon’s canceled-too-soon The Tick. Netflix hasn’t said when the show will premiere yet.

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