MSNBC Reporters Banned From CPAC

Conservative Political Action Conference founder Matt Schlapp said that MSNBC and other left-leaning media outlets would no longer be credentialed for his events.

As CPAC was set to kick off on Wednesday, Schlapp argued that the event would not allow coverage from journalists who were “100% anti-Trump.”

In an interview, right-wing host Steve Bannon asked Schlapp what he was going to do about “information warfare participants on the left.”

“We have people that run around and say they’re journalists, and if you look at their feeds, 100% of their stories are, let’s get what Republican, what conservative, as you said, who can we mischaracterize, who loves America, and let’s go get them, and let’s make trumped-up charges on them from anonymous sources,” Sclapp explained.

“So this tactic they’re using against [Donald] Trump is intergalactic, but they’re using similar tactics against all of us.”

“If you’re a propagandist, you can buy a ticket like everyone else, but you’re not in the media, and we’re not going to credential you by saying you’re in the media,” he continued.

Schlapp singled out MSNBC as an outlet that would not be credentialed.

“But as we know, what’s happened to these corporate media entities is they’re 100%, if you listen to MSNBC, it’s 100% anti-Trump, anti-America, anti-conservative, every moment of every day,” he griped. “They never have any kind of honest treatment of anything, and they run anybody off from the station who used to be at least somewhat honest some of the time, like Chris Matthews and such.”

“So, you know, let’s get real,” the CPAC founder concluded. “It’s not credentialed anymore, and we’re not going to do it.”

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