Morning Mango Mussolini: 'I Am SO Popular!'

Late last night, the world’s most indicted ex-president took to his Truth Social platform to crow about how “POPULAR” he is! (And since he’s said to be fond of Broadway musicals, I threw in a little theme music.)

The Wall Street Journal and FoxNews keep pushing the narrative, through Trey Gowdy and others, that “BOTH” Crooked Joe Biden and 45th President Donald J. Trump are unpopular within their own Party.

This happens to be true for Crooked Joe, where they won’t even let RFK Jr. have his votes fairly counted (more RIGGING, and STEALING Elections!), but VERY untrue for “TRUMP,” where I have a 90% Approval Rating, and am crushing the “second tier” candidates by 50, 60, and even 70 Points.


Well, yes, Mr. Cheese Puff. You are SO POPULAR in a party that been steadily leaking members since your arrival. You can find most of those former Republicans registered as independents, and guess what, honey bunch?

Only half of them are leaning toward you — and that was before the Georgia indictments were announced.

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