'Mission Accomplished': Martha MacCallum Bemoans Distrust Of FBI And DOJ

Fox’s Martha MacCallum, who is one of the moderators for this week’s upcoming presidential primary debate, pretended to be very sad that their constant attacks on the Department of Justice and the FBI in the service of Dear Leader have been working exactly as planned.

While opining that Trump’s indictments are “dominating this campaign more than the debates,” Media Buzz host Howard Kurtz and MacCallum discussed the fact that the media will be spending just as much time covering the upcoming Republican primaries as they will Trump’s upcoming court dates, although, as they also mentioned, the indictments have done nothing but harden his support with his base, or as many of us call them, his cult.

As MacCallum also noted, there is an opening for one of the other candidates though, since even 62 percent of Republicans tell pollsters they’re open to or planning to vote for someone other than Trump.

Kurtz then asked MacCallum about some recent polling showing that most Republicans “believe that these indictments are the result of a weaponized Justice Department or a partisan Democratic district attorneys, and they’re not interested in the details,” and whether those voters tuning all of it out “muffles the impact” of the indictments.

MacCallum responded by pretending to be surprised that those voters are buying into the attacks made constantly by her network, while repeating those exact same attacks and false equivalencies as part of the response.

MACCALLUM: You know, I think that’s really unfortunate and I don’t think it’s that surprising, Howie. I mean, they see situations whether it’s Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump or Hunter Biden and connections that have been laid out by a number of witnesses to Joe Biden, that people, that there should be more curiosity driving these issues, right?

But they see one situation and handled one way and one the other way, and I think, you know, the distrust in the system and the Department of Justice and the FBI, those are at levels we haven’t seen in a long time.

I think those institutions should really be asking themselves how is this happening? How have we allowed this trust to deteriorate? It’s a very serious issue in the country. So I think that’s why you get a little bit of tune-out to the details, because people are not trusting it. Which is something that I hope these institutions start taking very seriously at some point.

KURTZ: Yeah, we’re just in a hyper-partisan situation.

If “those institutions” want to find out “how this is happening,” all they have to do is turn on Fox for an hour or so on any given day of the week.

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