Mike Lindell Walks Back Spying On Voters Via Drone

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell insisted he would not use drones for election surveillance after reports suggested that the move could be illegal in some states.

At an election summit last week, Lindell showed the audience a drone attached to a Wi-Fi network detection device. Lindell said the contraption would be used at polling sites to determine if voting machines were connected to a router.

But The Daily Beast reported that surveillance by drone could violate criminal trespassing laws in Louisiana and other states.

On Monday, Lindell ensured his supporters that his plan could go forward without using drones.

I wanna take away all the rumors that were started all around the country,” the pillow executive and election conspiracist explained to podcaster Charlie Kirk. “These are not drones, everybody. We brought it in on a drone just for effect and to make it kind of cool, bringing it in all the excitement.”

“The drones have nothing to do with it,” he added. “So it is legal, believe me, we’ve had our legal team on this for over a year. And it’s just, it’s like radio waves are capturing it.”

Lindell has not explained how a device connecting to a router proves election fraud.

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