Men run for lives from angry elephant; it doesn’t end well


A motorist in India on Wednesday captured footage showing two men running for their lives from an elephant and one of the men being kicked by the pachyderm.

The accompanying footage, which began to circulate via social media on Thursday, illustrates why it’s important to remain inside vehicles where large animals are present.

The Wayanadgram Instagram description states that the footage was captured by a man named Sawad as he and his family were en route to the resort city of Ooty.

It shows the men frantically trying to outrun the elephant while another person stayed close to them in a red car.

It was a harrowing encounter even for those in Sawad’s vehicle, as a woman is heard screaming in apparent fear for the mens’ lives.

After one of the men lost his footing and fell alongside the road, the elephant slapped him with its trunk and kicked him before ending the chase.

It was not clear why the elephant charged or if the man was seriously injured.

The clip was shared via X by Susanta Nanda of the Indian Forest Service, who remarked: “Just showing who the boss is.”

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