Memphis shooting Ezekiel Kelly back in court

Memphis shooting spree suspect Ezekiel Kelley is back in court after livestreamed attacks

Memphis man charged with shooting dead a friend and six others in the area of Memphis last week has returned to court for a short motion hearing on Tuesday.

Ezekiel Kelley was dressed in a dark-colored jail issued jumpsuit and a mask when he appeared before Judge Karen Massey on Tuesday. Massey signed an order restricting extrajudicial statements. This means statements made outside of the courtroom. He ordered the murder suspect to return to court Friday morning.

Kelly, 19 years old, allegedly shot Dewayne Tustall in the head at a friend’s driveway on Wednesday morning. He then began a series of shootings that left three more dead and three others wounded.

Fox News Digital was told last week by neighbors that Tunstall was a childhood friend. Authorities did not immediately disclose a motive for the killing.

Fox News Digital photos show bullet holes on the house’s side and a bloodstain in the asphalt. One shot was at least partially through what appears to have been a bedroom window of a child with toys on its sill.

Kelly is alleged to have driven around town terrorizing the community with carjacking and gunfire, making other victims seem random.

Kelly was previously charged with attempted murder and reckless endangerment in the 2020 shooting. Kelly pleaded guilty and received a reduced charge for aggravated assault.

Two of the three victims of the 2020 attack declined to comment. The third victim could not be reached immediately.

Fox News Digital reached out to the Shelby County Division of Corrections for clarification on the circumstances of his release but they did not respond immediately.

Jennifer Case, Kelly’s public defense attorney, requested a gag order from the court last week to prevent any conflicts of interest. The motion hearing was set for Tuesday, 9 a.m. CT.

Around 9 p.m. police stopped Wednesday’s carnage and disabled a stolen car with spike strips and took Kelly into custody near Ivan and Hodge Roads. In his mugshot, he smiled.

According to police, the suspect live-streamed parts of the attack on Facebook, including the shooting at an AutoZone customer on Jackson Avenue.

Last week, Kelly was informed by a judge that he could be subject to the death penalty in Tennessee if convicted of first-degree murder. The Shelby County District Attorney General Steve Mulroy stated that additional charges were possible.

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