McEnany Fumes Over Biden Working Out: Remember This At The Polls

Former Trump White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany on ‘Outnumbered’ expressed outrage over President Joe Biden working out and said, “Think about this as you go to the polls next November.”

“I cannot,” McEnany said. “I mean, you saw the former UN ambassador Nikki Haley last night talk about the evils and the atrocities of Russia in a very powerful, smart way.”

“And then you flip over to our Commander In Chief, leaving spin class and Pilates with a drink in his hand, asked about the Wagner group and potentially their leader going down in this plane crash,” she continued. “And he says I don’t know.”

“He says to quote him; I don’t know for a fact what happened,” she said. “I’ve been working out for the last hour and a half. We didn’t elect a Pilates instructor. We elected a guy to go toe to toe with Russia.”

And not only that, the New York Post said the White House said as cable news outlets focused almost entirely on the latest developments in Russia, quote, the White House said the president, First Lady, and members of their family are taking a Pilates class followed by a spin class,” she said.

“Think about this as you go to the polls next November,” she added.

I’m not gonna lie. I spit out Gatorade through my nose when she said that last part. I’m pretty impressed that an 80-year-old man works out for an hour and a half.

Sure, guys, remember that we have a President who cares about his health instead of shoving hamberders down his throat while using a golf cart to carry his obese ass around the green. Oh, and suddenly Russia is seen as a threat after Trump practically performed fellatio on Putin for four years?

Stay mad, you salty bitch.

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