Mayorkas Impeachment Vote FAILS 214-216

Republicans thought they had this in the bag until they didn’t. In what can only be a stunning blow to Mike Johnson, the effort to impeach Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for not falling into lockstep with Republican ideas on the border failed, with 214 Republicans voting for it, and 4 voting against, joining 212 Democrats for a majority. Here are the four who didn’t sell their souls:

It really is crazy that Johnson didn’t have the votes before he brought it to the floor. This is the whole job of the Speaker of the House, to act as a gatekeeper for legislation to pass.

Make no mistake, there were no grounds for impeaching Mayorkas at all. Republicans were hoping to hold him up as a scapegoat for their “border crisis” which they insist they will not correct with legislation specifically crafted to correct it. Mayorkas was just their whipping boy, and 4 Republicans apparently decided they’d rather vote for the U.S. Constitution than Donald Trump and his acolytes. It’s shameful that even 214 voted for it.

Marjorie Taylor Greene must be crying crocodile tears tonight, not to mention Elise Stefanik, who just failed the Trump test for VP. Aw, too bad.

This sums it up:

I’m hearing that Steve Scalise will be back Wednesday and another vote will be taken. Ken Buck predicts it will pass.

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