Mark Levin: I Will Blame Gaetz If We Lose The Next Election

LOLOLOL Let them fight.

Mark Levin addressed Rapey McForehead on the Levin Radio program Monday:

MARK LEVIN (HOST): …Who is it that’s representing the Democrats in Congress? It’s you, Matt. You need to put your country ahead of your own personal hatred. Man, you gotta get control of it, brother. But he won’t. And so, this is what we’re gonna hear for the next two, three, four, five, six weeks over and over and over and over again.

Not the Democrats on defense in the House. Not the Democrats blamed for spending. Not the Democrats blamed for an open border. Not the Democrats blamed for climate change. You won’t hear about any of that.

And the Democrat Party media loves this because this is what they’re gonna headline day in and day out and day in and — and this, apparently, is what Gaetz wants. So, if we lose the next election, in part, it’s on these guys. And I don’t just mean the House and the Senate. I mean the presidency. I’m serious about this!

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