Marge Sent Out Email Blast Containing Hunter Biden's D*ck Pics

Controversial Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene likes Hunter Biden’s dick pics so much that she held up large nude photos of the President’s son during a House Committee meeting. The Georgia Republican claimed that “the American people deserve to see” the nudes of the private citizen. It was a shocking moment.

Things got worse as not only did Marge enter Hunter’s dick on Congressional record, but she may have sent the images to minors. There is no age limit to receive the spork-footed troll doll’s newsletter.

New Republic reports:

And now, Greene may have emailed the nudes to minors. The Georgia representative emailed her constituents Wednesday evening claiming she had confirmed Biden was guilty of sex trafficking and tax fraud (she had not). The email included a video that showed his nudes.

Greene is touting some sort of moral code even though she has had adulterous affairs with a ‘polyamorous Tantric sex guru’ and a gym manager.

The link in Marge’s email contains a video screen that displays the warnings “The following images are disturbing” and “Parental discretion is advised.” So, you would think that a responsible person would not send out unsolicited dick pics of the President’s son, or anyone for that matter. I get it. After months of claiming they have evidence against the Bidens, and they came up empty, they’re all, ‘Hey, look, it’s Hunter’s dick!’ Do better, Georgia.

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