MAGA Turns On Kari Lake, Booed And Heckled By Her Own Party

Few things in politics are more satisfying than watching failed gubernatorial candidate and Mar-a-Lago couch-surfer Kari Lake getting booed while onstage giving a speech. One of those things is seeing Lake, the version of Leona Helmsley, get booed by her own party, giving the election-denying filter queen a public narcissistic injury as someone from the crowd yells, “You did it!” Ouch.

Ron Filipkowski of Meidas Touch reports:

AZ State GOP Chair Jeff DeWit resigned earlier this week after Kari Lake released recordings that she secretly made of him attempting to persuade her not to run for Senate in exchange for millions of dollars. Lake took the stage today to nominate his successor and was loudly booed and heckled by 80% of the large crowd in attendance.

Lake seemed shocked by the reaction. Lake’s poll numbers haven’t been great after she was sued for defamation by a Republican election official for claiming that he was complicit in “rigging” the election for Governor Katie Hobbs against Lake. Her favorability rating has consistently been in the high 30s with Arizona voters after that debacle.

If it appears from the audio that Lake can’t be bought, remember that she had to have taken the recording so she wouldn’t produce an audio of her in an unfavorable light. I’m just throwing that out there. She knew the conversation was being taped. It was pure political theatrics, nothing more. The crowd was not impressed.

“Can we agree that our elections are a mess in Arizona?” Loser Kari Lake said. “No? Okay, yes. There we go.”

Someone can be heard yelling out, “You did it!”

“And I know that more than anybody, and President Trump knows that more than everybody,” she added.

Twitter users had a little fun with it.


Stick a fork in her. Kari Lake is done. Finally.

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