LOL: Bartiromo Really Thinks She Has The Goods On Biden This Time

I’ll bet Fox News’s Maria Bartiroma really thought she got President Joe Biden this time. Maria saw the Charlie Kirk Show the other day, and Newt Gingrich claimed he has a reliable source with the goods on Biden. Hearing Charlie Kirk interview Gingrich is hardly breaking news. Saying someone claimed something without evidence is also not news.

“And he said that he has a reliable source who told him that the White House called Fulton County DA Fannie Willis demanding that she make an indictment of President Trump on Monday as opposed to Tuesday, he said, said he has a reliable source that told him the White House directed her to make the announcement of an indictment on Monday,” she said to Rep. Barry Loudermilk. “What is the ramification if, in fact, the White House was working with Fannie Willis on this?” she continued.”

“Well, I think there will be great ramifications there, especially with her case because part of the, the, the key evidence that she’s bringing up is this phone call between Donald Trump and Brad Raffensperger, the Georgia Secretary of State that they’re claiming he put undue influence on an elected official to do something that they’re claiming was illegal,” the Georgia Republican said. “But at the same time, if this is true, I think that’s very damning because now you’ve got a sitting president calling a district attorney, putting political pressure on her to do something.”

“And so I think that could really start unraveling this case for them,” he added.

To reiterate, the party that’s come up empty with probes on Hunter Biden and the President now thinks they have something on him because Newt Gingrich said a thing? And the GOP Congressman thinks that particular piece of non-evidence is unraveling the goods on Biden. Sounds legit!

Let’s play Maria’s game. I heard a guy in the grocery store claim that she’s been cheating on her husband for years with a 6-foot-tall Bud Light-drinking Target store-shopping trans woman. And they drink Adrenochrome martinis in the basement of a pizzeria. Someone said that, so BOOM! It’s true, Maria. In. Your. Face.

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