Laura Ingraham Pre-'Steals' The 2024 Election

It’s only March, and Laura Ingraham is already conditioning her brainwashed audience to expect a “stolen” election in November. Via Media Matters:

LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): And now, since the lawfare may not pay off, well, the Democrats are just expeditiously moving to plan B: win by any means necessary — including mucking up the vote by getting rid of voter I.D. In one word, cheating. …

Now, listening to Merrick Garland, it’s entirely reasonable for people to conclude that Democrats will set up the scenario that allows them to collect just enough votes days or weeks after the election, of course, mail-in ballots, and then the big announcement: Biden pulls out a victory. It’s entirely reasonable to surmise that the attorney general of the United States wants to make it easier for illegal immigrants to vote. I mean, there’s literally no other reason to oppose voter I.D.

Now, everything they do from now until Election Day will be designed to make it harder for us to track who actually voted. Now, why are they doing that? Well, we know why. And while they do this, they’ll continue issuing their unhinged warnings about what’s going to happen in a Trump second term.

You’re the queen of projection, Laura.

And she’ll “pre-lie” about voter fraud in 2024, but not lie (not anymore) about 2020 because that costs her bosses money.


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