Larry Kudlow Asks Kevin O'Leary To Loan Trump $464M

You know it’s bad when Trump has Fox personalities trying to pressure guests into loaning the Orange Bandito the money he desperately needs to protect his properties.

I mean, here’s Larry Kudlow personally asking Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary to loan Trump the $464 million bond he’ll need to appeal the New York civil fraud case, “in order to protect America’s name, think of it that way.”

O’Leary never answers that one, instead says the Supreme Court needs to intervene.

And yes, they probably think they won’t get the money back. Because Trump is the ultimate day trader and doesn’t think ahead as to how he’d pay it back.

He can’t make a lifelong career of stiffing people on his bills and expect everyone will jump at the chance to prop him up like Weekend At Bernie’s.

Enter Paul Manfort, who knows so many oligarchs….

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