Kari Lake Keeps Suggesting Hillary Clinton Wants To Kill Her

Friday morning, Patriot Takes published a clip of Lyin’ Loser Lake saying, as if she had never used this talking point before, “Hillary Clinton started talking about me. First, I laughed at that.” In an “I’m very scared” voice, Lake added, “then I thought, ‘Oh, my gosh, this is not funny.’”

“Listen, I’m in perfect health, the brakes on my car have been checked and they’re in working order and I am not suicidal, OK?” Lake continued. “When the Clintons start talking about you, you kind of tense up a little.”

Lake didn’t say when Clinton “started talking about” her but Lake used the same line to a delighted Sean Hannity nearly nine months ago, shortly before she lost the November, 2022 election.

It’s not just Hillary, either. In March, Lake claimed that the RINO “Mafia” might also be trying to kill her. Lake also claimed the DOJ has her in its “crosshairs” in its “political witch hunt” after “all of us.”

Not only that, Lake’s latest claim to Republican martyrdom sounds a lot like Marjorie Taylor Green’s recent attention-grabbing “analysis” of why her TV turned on by itself. Unhinged minds think alike, I guess. Or crib from each other.

If I were Mar-a-Lago squatter Lake, I’d be a lot more worried about Melania coming after her than anyone else.

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