Kao Introduces Floating Linear Technology for Molton Brown Candle Decoration

Kao Corporation is offering a decoration service at Molton Brown, the luxury lifestyle brand, using patented floating linear decoration processing technology on the brand’s product range of scented candles.

This unique service is available at the Regent Street store in London for six weeks from October 20 to November 30, 2023. The service marks the first implementation of the floating linear decoration processing technology, which was developed in collaboration with B&R K.K.
The technology enables a high level of customization and a personalized decoration service with a special feel.

About Floating Linear Decoration

In order to use the floating linear decoration processing technology for Molton Brown candles, a new control technology was developed. This technology can detect the subtle unevenness of each individual candle surface and control the height (floating amount) of the linear transport unit up and down. This enables a constant height to be maintained from the surface of the candle, thereby achieving smooth and beautiful decorations.
Customers can choose from festive designs such as a ribbon, snowflake or holly which decorate the wax in crimson or gold, alongside their name or initials.
The service provides a more special experience for customers, as they can actually watch the candles being decorated in the store.
Kao says it will continue to utilize its floating linear decoration processing technology to provide products that satisfy the needs of each and every customer, thereby realizing personalization.

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