Joni Ernst Jumps On The MAGA Bandwagon, Tries To Kill Biden's SOTU

Sen. Joni Ernst, who the media loves to pretend is a “moderate” Republican, proves once again there is no such thing as a “moderate” in this party of petty haters any more.

Ernst made an appearance on Maria Bartiromo’s show on FBN this Monday, which was replayed on Fox later in the day, and gave the same lame excuse as her seditionist buddy in the House Scott Perry for why Republicans want to block President Biden from giving his State of the Union Address:

Sen. Ernst said on Fox News, “It is unfathomable that we don’t have a national security strategy from the President. Nor do we have his budget for the upcoming fiscal year, and because of that, we want to stop him from actually delivering the State Of The Union.”

As Jason Easley correctly pointed out in response:

Presidents have nothing to do with the budget. Sen. Ernst knows this. The presidential budget is a non-binding recommendation. Congress controls the budget. Congress does not need to see a presidential budget before they do their jobs.

President Biden’s National Security Strategy document can be found here. The idea that it doesn’t exist is total BS.

Republicans don’t want Biden to deliver the State Of The Union, because they want to deny him a national audience that will be bigger than any speech that Donald Trump will deliver this year.

Reminds me a lot of Rubio, demanding things that have already been delivered, or that they killed because they refuse to do their jobs or work with Biden so they can help Trump.

Here are some of the responses to Ernst on Xitter:

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