Jon Stewart Tackles The Gun Epidemic: 'God, Media And Crazy People'

Jon Stewart’s back and he’s already causing good trouble. Without missing a beat from when he was the regular host, Stewart tackles the gun epidemic and possible ways to stem the mass shootings. Things like reasonable gun laws, just like they have to stem drunk driving, which only decreased it massively from a couple of decades ago.

Stewart also points out other small and simple steps that could go a long way to save lives. Such things include clip restrictions, assault rifle bans and stop passing riders on other laws that make it harder to enforce existing gun laws.

Stewart then ends his segment by looking at just why these gun nut conservatives are so vehemently against any kind of gun control. After a couple of clips of guys spraying spittle as they scream about their fear of an imaginary dystopia. Ironically, it is this fear of their losing control in a dystopia that hasn’t happened that allows them to rationalize the dystopia they have created in the here and now.

Unfortunately, Stewart did not address the other very real cause. The way that the NRA and gun manufacturers are using money to control the lawmakers and people’s most base fears to control the popuilation. They don’t give a fig about anyone’s safety, just as long as they get their money, either before or after they die.

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