Johnson Coached Trump Lawyer Who Appeared Before His Committee

In the massive fake electors dox dump which stemmed from a lawsuit against Trump’s fake electors in Wisconsin, comes this little doozy:

Yes, you read that right.

Former Trump lawyer and fake elector schemer Jim Troupis was supposed to testify about his “concerns” about election integrity in Wisconsin before the Senate Homeland Security Committee, which was chaired by Senator Ron Johnson at the time. However, days before giving his testimony, Troupis submitted a draft of his testimony. And just three days before the hearing, RoJo emailed Troupis, using their private email addresses, to suggest some “edits” to Troupis’ testimony. In other words, RoJo was coaching the witness and fellow fake elector schemer on what to say and not to say when on the hot seat.

Every time RoJo is asked about his involvement in the fake elector scheme, he either obfuscates or simply shuts down the interview. It’s past time he gets deposed, under oath, in regards to his role, what he knew and when he knew it. Special Counsel Jack Smith, can you get to that when you have a few minutes? OK, thanks.

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