John Oliver Really Wanted To See The Mullin-O'Brien Brawl

John Oliver was absolutely merciless in this week’s edition of Last Week Tonight. And why shouldn’t he be? This isn’t his circus and these aren’t his monkeys.

Oliver started out with wanting to tell Bernie Sanders to be quiet so that he could have seen Teamster President Sean O’Brien knock Senator Markwayne Napolean Mullin down a peg or three:

“But shut up!” Oliver continued. “I want to see anabolic Jim Halpert get his ass handed to him because do you know who Sean O’Brien is? He’s a fourth-generation Boston Teamster. He basically came out of the womb with brass knuckles. I want to see Sen. Anger Management get his john rocked by Bing Town’s Mr. Clean. That’s what I want!”

But O’Brien didn’t escape unscathed either:

He went on to show O’Brien mimicking Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA), who has sometimes been compared to the cartoon character Foghorn Leghorn for his loud and pinched voice that echoes Capitol halls like an overly dramatic Tennessee Williams character played by a high school girl.

“It’s so childish it’s actually brilliant,” Oliver continued. “O’Brien has the demeanor of a mob boss, the body of a fire hydrant, and the insults of a five-year-old. And amazingly, it still wasn’t over.”

But the greatest point that Oliver made was that a staffer to Senator Mitch McConnell tried to brush it off by pointing out that they had been working for five weeks straight. Oliver simply said that most people work ten times that much in a row without assaulting their coworkers.

I would add that, with all due to respect to Mr. Oliver, this is America. There is sadly way too many Americans that don’t get paid vacations so don’t take the time off they need because they can’t afford it. And yet, they still don’t usually assault their coworkers.

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