Jessica Tarlov Takes A Sledgehammer To Old Talking Point About Biden

Fox News’s Jessica Tarlov is good at what she does. She very gently dropped a truth bomb on her conservative colleagues right to their little faces, explaining that President Joe Biden hasn’t been hiding in his basement. She said that with the chyron reading, “Hidin Biden is back!” in caps. Conservatives can’t seem to decide to run with the false ‘Sleepy Joe’ narrative or the one where Biden is a maniacal dictator running the world from behind a curtain somewhere with an evil grin on his face, all to destroy an innocent man named Donald Trump.

“But I hear about this basement campaign all the time from 2020 and even now,” Tarlov said. “We don’t see Joe Biden.”

“And it’s shocking that we get all this footage somehow,” she continued. “But he is out there, and he’s doing meaningful things. He was with the United Auto Workers today getting their endorsement.”

“And the President talking about how Donald Trump, when they had a strike in 2019, didn’t do anything,” Tarlov explained. “Yesterday, he had a rally for reproductive rights in Virginia.”

“It’s going to be a crucial issue for us,” she said of abortion rights. “Monday, the Reproductive Health Care Access Task Force, the U.S. Conference of Mayors. Last Friday, he went to Raleigh on Thursday to talk about broadband access and to meet with an educator who had his student loans forgiven and the impact it’s had with his family.”

“And by the way, they’ve made some very meaningful content out of all of that,” she added. “The man is not hiding, and he’s doing well, and Democrats are happy with their choice.”

Yeah, they like saying that Democrats are not happy with Biden. That’s just not true. Biden surpassed my expectations. But conservatives are used to their choice, Donald Trump, literally dancing around while proudly declaring that he’s created “Jobs, jobs, jobs!” The truth is that Lumpy left office with the worst job numbers since Herbert Hoover. Meanwhile, Biden is creating “Jobs, jobs, jobs!”

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