Jeanine Pirro Is Gonna Die Mad, Lying About Biden

I have to hold back when writing about Jeanine Pirro because I will start using gender-specific swear words that my husband says are beneath me.

Never forget that Donald Trump helped to fund Pirro’s “campaign” for New York Attorney General, after she dropped out of the US Senate race against Hillary Clinton. Too bad Donnie’s money wasn’t quite enough to cover the $600,000 in campaign debt she accrued in FOUR MONTHS.

Trump spent part of his final minutes as president pardoning Jeanine’s ex-husband, who was convicted of conspiracy and tax evasion in 2000.

So maybe she owes him a trail of screaming lies on the regular.

But the people of Hawaii deserve better because Jeanine is lying about them, too.

After flipping out about the admittedly horrible conditions in Maui, Jeanine picks up the soundbite of Biden with the dog that the entire right-wing has decided was the entirety of his visit (lie). Then she says this:

“He has a lack of empathy. He is egocentric. He’s got a condescending smirk whenever anybody asks him a question from the press. He’s lying and he’s narcissistic.”

“He’s a narcissist and an egomaniac who’s trying to make it about himself.”

You mean Trump, right, Jeanine? Right? Not only did he toss paper towels at victims of Hurricane Maria-ravaged Puerto Rico in 2017, he also delayed billions in federal aid to the island.

The Five’s resident “liberal” Jessica Tarlov reminded Pirro of these facts. But Pirro apparently doesn’t recognize Puerto Rico as an American protectorate. Or…she’s drunk.

And all of Jeanine’s BS is easily debunked, of course.

Jeanine Pirro will die mad that Biden beat her funder, Trump, in the 2020 election. It couldn’t happen to a worse liar than Jeanine Pirro.

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