Incompetence And Corruption Are Still Rewarded In GOP

Everybody is aware of Indictmentpalooza that happened in Georgia this past week. What people might not be aware of his that the Wisconsin GOP is so corrupt and incompetent that they get mentioned thirteen times in the Geogia indictments. Furthermore, two of those include Wisconsin GOP Chair Brian Schimming, who met with Rudy Giuliani and Kenneth Chesebro in December about the fake electors scheme.

The fact that Schimming and the Wisconsin GOP were involved with the fake electors was already known in Wisconsin. But the fact that they were in so deep as to be caught up in the indictments in Georgia made a lot more people sit up and pay attention.

To make matters for himself, when the press tried to talk to him about it, Schimming gave a line that they did nothing illegal and that they were acting on legal advice to preserve their rights while all legal matters were pending. But as was just noted, he knew in December that it was part of a scheme to defraud the country and illegally overturn the election. Secondly, as the news report noted, the state supreme court had already tossed Trump’s challenges to the election an hour before the fake electors had voted.

Yeah, what the hell, right? He got caught red-handed helping to try to literally steal the election, why not tell some lies while he’s at it?

But, bad as that all is, there’s still more. There’s always more.

When you have something like this in blow up in a group’s face, you would expect some kind of damage control. Denying involvement or at least distancing themselves from it. But not the GOP. They embrace that shit like it’s something to be proud of.

For example, instead of backing away and keeping a healthy distance from Schimming, RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel embraces him and rewards him with more prestige in the party:

Ahead of the Republican National Committee’s (RNC) summer meeting in Milwaukee next week, Republican Party of Wisconsin Chairman Brian Schimming was named Midwestern Regional Co-Chairman for the RNC’s State Chairmen’s Advisory Committee. This appointment comes from Chairman Ronna McDaniel — showcasing once again the importance of Wisconsin.

The RNC will convene next week for the 168-summer meeting.Schimming has is also a member of RNC’s 168, the Commitee on Arrangements, and Temporary Grassroots Committee for the 2024 Milwaukee Republican National Convention.

“I am pleased to be tapped for another leadership opportunity. While I will always prioritize Wisconsin and our grassroots, I find it of the utmost importance our neighboring states and the National Party are working hand in glove with Wisconsin Republicans to lay the groundwork back to the White House, which begins in my home state,” said RPW Chairman Brian Schimming.“I’d also once again like to thank the Chairwoman for giving Wisconsin the attention it deserves.”

The GOP is not only telling us exactly who they are, but they are rubbing our noses in it. And the only reason they are doing this is because we are letting them do it. The best way to do just that is to show up and vote in each and every election until either we remove them from office or they clean up their own act.

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