'I Almost Threw Up': Jimmy Kimmel Grossed Out By Trump's Weird Hair Confession

Jimmy Kimmel on Monday night found one of Donald Trump’s latest claims a little tough to stomach.

Trump, as he has for years, delivered a rambling aside about water pressure at a weekend event. The former president complained about dishwashers and showers, and at one point got a little too detailed as he described his shower routine.

“I take a shower, I want that beautiful head of hair to be nice and wet,” Trump said. “Lather. I want it to be lathered beautifully, and I get the best stuff you can buy, and I dump it all over, and then I turn on the water and the damn water drips out, I can’t get this stuff out of my hair, it’s a horrible thing.”

Kimmel agreed it’s “horrible.”

“Just listening to you describe it, I almost threw up,” he said, then made a crack about the former president possibly headed to prison after his conviction on 34 felony charges in New York. “I hope he has good water pressure in the showers at Rikers Island.”

See more in his Monday night monologue:

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