How Does Winning The Primary Hurt Biden And Other BS

Despite the media trying to create a horse race where there isn’t one, or maybe because of it, the crazy season that accompanies elections are in full swing. For example, people are trying to read meaning into Biden winning the Michigan primary by 80% instead of 82 per cent. Although I think his ice cream themed campaigning is a good way to turn off us lactose intolerant folk.

And Trump is trying make headway into the Black community be appealing to them by pointing out that he was in the big house and hawking the ugliest high tops ever made. What’s next, Trump’s Fried Chicken Shack?

Then after a word from his sponsor, Crowder really hits his stride when he goes after Wendy’s and their new Uber-style pricing scheme. Apparently, the figure they can do surge charging for cheeseburgers, meaning that during usual mealtimes, they are going to gouge on the price of their “food,” and I do use that term loosely. I agree with Crowder that it doesn’t make any sense. Why would anyone go to Wendy’s and pay more for their square patties when there are literally scores of other options available all up and down the road?

Open thread below….

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