Hidden Costco Gems: These 5 Products Are Worth Every Penny

Some of Costco’s great deals are already quite well known. The rotisserie chicken is certainly no secret. And the $1.50 hot dog combo is particularly famous, thanks to passionate defense of its price from a former CEO.

However, many of the best deals at Costco aren’t quite as well-publicized as these celebrated meats. Wandering the many aisles, you can find lots of hidden gems worth exploring. Here are a few stand-out picks.

1. Kirkland Signature tortilla chips

It’s not unusual for a single game night to obliterate a bag (or two) of these crunchy snacks — and that’s saying something, considering its size! You get a massive 40-ounce bag for less than $8 (they’re currently $7.64 on Instacart).

The same volume of Tostitos would be $13 from Costco, and I’d be out more than $15 if I shopped at my local grocery store.

2. Kirkland Signature baby wipes

Baby wipes are one of those things that I would wager are often not used for the intended purpose. Sure, lots of people use them for wiping babies — but people wipe tons of other stuff with ’em, too.

Whatever you’re wiping, it may be worth giving the Kirkland Signature baby wipes a try. They’re a great price at just $22 per 900-ct pack (that’s around $0.02 per wipe). While I haven’t personally tried these, more than 9,000 shoppers on costco.com have, and they’ve given the Kirkland Signature baby wipes 4.8 out of 5 stars.

3. Kirkland Signature grass-fed butter

As any butter snob (myself included) will tell you, grass-fed butter tastes better. (There’s also an argument that it may be more nutritious.) That’s why there’s always Kerrygold in my fridge.

Unfortunately, $7.50 per pound for butter (and that’s buying it at Costco!) is a bit steep when I just want to throw together some baked goods. And if you’re not as much of a snob as I am, you may not even consider it worth paying for your morning toast schmear.

Kirkland Signature grass-fed butter is a great solution. It’s practically a bargain at around $5.50 per pound. That’s a savings of $1 per stick over Kerrygold.

4. Kirkland Signature golf balls

You won’t hear this one in most Costco forums, but these are surprisingly well-priced and well-rated golf balls. And if you have a golfer in your life — or are one yourself — you know how quickly a dozen golf balls can essentially disappear.

Since name-brand golf balls are $20 a dozen ($1.67 per ball!) even on Amazon, it’s easy to see why golf is such an expensive hobby. You can cut some of that cost with a Costco membership, however.

The Kirkland Signature golf balls go for about $31 for two dozen, or just $1.29 per ball. While nothing makes bumbling a shot feel better, at least this way it’ll hurt your bank account a little less.

5. Kirkland Signature paper towels

Alright, this may actually be one of the most popular Kirkland Signature products at Costco, but it’s still a gem regardless of its “hidden” status.

As much as I want to reduce my use of disposables, my household still manages to go through a fair amount of paper towels. (I can’t get used to the idea of patting chicken dry with a reusable cloth…ew.) At around $21 for a pack of 12 rolls ($0.01 per sheet), I can at least not feel like I’m literally throwing (as much) money away.

The Kirkland Signature paper towels are thick and sturdy (2-ply), and they feel nice in your hand. My only criticism is the size. The individual sheets are a bit wider than other brands, which I don’t prefer, and the roll is a little too big to fit nicely on my paper towel holder (at least until we’ve used it a few days).

Keep exploring

The sheer volume of products in a Costco store means we’re bound to overlook some potentially great deals for your personal finances. So it can be worth taking a few extra minutes each trip to take a look at what may be new. You never know when you’ll stumble upon that next must-have find.

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