Hey Ainsley, Your Network Banned Christie From The Spin Room

Someone let Ainsley Earhardt and Brian Kilmeade know that Ainsley’s boyfriend, Sean Hannity, just said their network banned Chris Christie from the spin room on his radio show the day before they spouted this nonsense.

Here’s Earhardt and Kilmeade discussing Chris Christie’s zinger when Vivek Ramaswamy plagiarized Barack Obama, and pretending not to understand why Christie didn’t make an appearance on Fox’s post-debate coverage.

KILMEADE: Yeah. That was a follow-up I did not hear. It was so loud, and I don’t think he… I think he pre-thought the AI candidate thing, but I don’t think he pre-thought that he was going to come out and say I have a strange last name and I’m a skinny guy.

And so, that is classic Chris Christie acting in real time. That’s why I was shocked. Unless he had something happen I didn’t know, for him not to come to the spin room…


KILMEADE: Because he does so well when he… and he has all those cameras. I was really surprised. I wonder if it means something bigger than that.


EARHARDT: It’s always fun to watch it someone who is not politically active like we are, because she had so many questions. She was watching you, Brian, she’s like, “Who are these people with the Pence signs or the Haley signs?”

I said, that’s how you know where Haley is, where Pence is in the spin room, and Brian will go over and put his microphone in front of the candidates. That’s why, whoever is on TV with Sean, that person is standing right behind him.

So it was fun to be able to explain that, and I realized people at home might not understand any of that. But, anyway, the candidates all go into the spin room, or they should go into the spin room. Not sure why Christie didn’t.

More proof that the liars on the right wing propaganda network will literally lie about anything and everything.

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