‘He’s Scared’: Jen Psaki Spots ‘Unusual’ Sign That Trump Is Finally Afraid

MSNBC’s Jen Psaki said Donald Trump is showing an “unusual” sign of fear.

The former president has been indicted on state charges in New York, in two federal cases, and most recently in Georgia ― or 91 felony counts in total, Psaki pointed out.

“Right now, Trump seems worried in a way that’s sorta unusual for him, at least publicly,” Psaki said.

She pointed out that Trump initially scheduled a big news conference for Monday in which he claimed he would present a “CONCLUSIVE” report that would lead to “a complete EXONERATION.”

Except then he cancelled it, saying it was on the advice of his attorneys.

“Just think about that for a moment,” she said, noting that Trump listening to his lawyers would be “a new thing” for him given his history of ignoring legal advice.

“It can only really mean one thing: He’s scared,” she said. “A frankly, he should be.”

Trump, she said, is now trying to delay, distract and attack the prosecutors.

But it’s not the prosecutors who hold his fate.

“It’s up to the ordinary citizens who make up the juries in his cases,” she said. “Citizens returned these indictments as part of the grand juries. Citizens will decide on his guilt.”

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