GOP Candidate Says To MAGA, Women Shouldn't Have The Right To Vote

Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson becomes the only Black nominee for governor in North Carolina history from either major party, and he’s also the biggest embarrassment. He’s a MAGA Republican that appears to be a Hitler stan who calls the LGBTQ community “filth.” Robinson is a conspiracy theorist who has described COVID as a “globalist” conspiracy to destroy Donald Trump. He has also said that gay people are equivalent to “what the cows leave behind” as well as “maggots” and “flies.” He belongs to the Republican Party because he’s not a fan of women, either.

“This idiotic guy was on stage with Candace Owens a few days ago and asked her, what America are we going back to to make America great again?” he asked. “The one where women couldn’t vote or black people were swinging from trees.”

“I would say to him if I was standing in front of him, I absolutely want to go back to the America where women couldn’t vote,” he added.

He’s not a fan of the movie Black Panther, so he’s likely a self-loathing Black man. Or as we call them, “Republicans.” North Carolina is my adoptive state, so I could write volumes about this vile creature.

Robinson will face Democrat Josh Stein, the state attorney general, for whom I just voted to have him as our governor. The North Carolina Republican isn’t after the coveted woman bloc, and that’s cool — Stein respects women. He will take those votes, thank you very much.

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