GOP Candidate Claims Abortion Pills Laced With Fentanyl

Because the only thing scarier than fentanyl is an abortion pill laced with fentanyl. John Stanton gets it exactly right. Liz Murill is mixing “two classic Republican strawmen — the drug war and abortion — into a single, unexpected and wholly unsubstantiated talking point.”


Republican attorney general hopeful and current Solicitor General Liz Murrill Thursday dropped the collab of the summer nobody asked for or expected when she mixed two classic Republican strawmen — the drug war and abortion — into a single, unexpected and wholly unsubstantiated talking point: Nefarious drug pushers are lacing online abortion pills with fentanyl.

Appearing on Mornings with Brian Haldane Thursday, Murrill talked at length about the opioid addiction crisis that has gripped much of the state, and country, for years. A clip of her appearance is below.

In addition to being the state’s solicitor general and one of current Attorney General (and gubernatorial front runner) Jeff Landry’s closest aides, Murrill is also a member of the right wing extremist group the Federalist Society.

A good quip that. Of course we also put some of these Federalist Society members on the Supreme Court, which is crazy when you think about it, but I digress. What did Murrill say that was so nutty? Somehow legalized cannabis sales leads to fentanyl usage, which in turn leads to fentanyl in abortion pills, because it’s in everything sold illegally online, apparently.

That’s when things took a turn. Murrill claimed cannabis legalization has somehow been a boon for illegal fentanyl sales.

“The fact is that that also creates a great black market, and that’s what actually creates a great avenue for more fentanyl,” she said. “And they do put fentanyl in pot a lot.”

Then Murrill pivoted to, of all things, abortion pills. “It is also a problem, frankly, with abortion pills online.”

It appears that Murrill is connecting two distinctly separate dots here: the problem of people selling illegal counterfeit drugs online that may contain fentanyl and the fact that it is illegal in Louisiana to deliver or distribute abortion pills, online or otherwise. “You can’t buy anything online that’s illegal and not consider it to be a problem potentially with fentanyl in it,” she told Haldane.

Of course, there is no evidence that abortion pills are being mixed with fentanyl and they remain perfectly safe — and legal in most states. It should also be noted there is no public safety or health rationale for online sales of the pills to be illegal in Louisiana. Rather, that law is part of the Republican Party’s broader anti-women’s health platform.

Since Trump, we’ve seen more and more Republicans just say whatever pops into their heads, because facts and truth just don’t matter. To them anyway.

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