Gazelle launches ‘first and only’ Class 3 e-bike with Bosch Smart System in the US

Gazelle, the very popular Dutch bike brand owned by industry giant Pon Holdings, is launching its first Class 3 electric bike in the US.

Gazelle says that its new Eclipse is the “first and only Class 3 e-bike in the US to feature Bosch’s Smart System,” which fully integrates the bike’s motor and electronics with the Bosch Flow app for a personalized ride that will receive continuous over-the-air bug fixes and feature updates long after purchase.

Eclipse is available in both high- and low-step frames and built to easily handle heavy loads and hills on a variety of terrain. It features wide 60mm tires, a front shock, Shimano MT-420 four-piston hydraulic disc brakes, a large 750Wh battery, and a mid-drive Bosh motor with an impressive 85Nm of torque and 28mph top speed.

Specifically, these e-bikes features a smart version of Bosch’s Performance Line Speed Motor offering an Auto mode that automatically adjusts power delivery to compensate for hills or headwinds, not unliked Cowboy’s adaptive power. It also has a walk-assist feature that helps push it up hills and prevent rollback as well as route planning in the Flow app.

One potentially useful feature of the Bosch Smart System recently introduced in version 1.8 is the “Dynamic Display” mode which automatically changes the information presented on Bosch’s Kiox displays so that the most relevant data is always shown to the rider. Climbing? It shows your power, cadence, and elevation. Descending? It switches to focus on speed, before switching again to add distance travelled and range overview when you hit the flats. When at a standstill it then shows summary information like maximum speed of your journey, distance travelled, elevation change, and range remaining. The Kiox can also now show a clear elevation graph for the planned trip, as well as the rider’s current position.

Chain-driven Eclipse T11 HMB with low-step frame.
Image: Gazelle

Gazelle’s Eclipse e-bikes also come fitted with an MIK-compatible rear rack and integrated front and rear lighting. It also comes with a very Dutch cafe lock (or ring lock, if you prefer) that’s bolted into the frame to quickly lock the back wheel..

The Eclipse comes in two models. The 11-speed T11 HMB is the chain-driven model with Shimano Deore XT derailleur and $5,499 price tag. The Eclipse C380 HMB is the model I’d pick — despite costing a bit more at $5,999 — due to its Gates belt drive and smooth shifting Enviolo CVT stepless hub.

Yeah, those are premium prices but that price is still a hell of a lot less than the on-going costs to own a car which this Class 3 e-bike can replace for some. And wouldn’t it be nice to get a little exercise?

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