Fox's Bartiromo Fumes That RNC Better Protect 'Special Electors'

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that the rest of the Republican party isn’t just as bad as Trump. Here’s RNC Chair Ronna Don’t-Call-Me-Romney McDaniel on Fox’s Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo, going right along with the notion that the only reason the fake electors who were willing to help Trump overturn the election are being prosecuted for their crimes is because of some Democratic plot to scare Republicans from becoming actual electors.

BARTIROMO: What about the money, Ronna? I mean, look at the red wave that never happened. Was that because Democrat dollars mopped it up? How are you going to compete on the money?

Maybe they should stop allowing Trump to funnel campaign donations to pay his legal bills, but hey, what do I know?

MCDANIEL: I look at 2022 as the year of the independent and I think one of the stories that doesn’t get told is, in every single battleground state except Pennsylvania, a Republican won statewide, so we had more ticket splitting than we’ve ever seen. So it really is going to be, how do our candidates appeal to independent voters?

Independent voters now makeup 42 percent of the electorate and that’s why this debate is so critical to start our conversation, not just with Republican primary voters, but with independent voters who are disillusioned with the Biden administration, who will vote Republican, who we are going to need if we win back the White House.

Republicans are losing independent voters because of their extreme stance on abortion and the fact that their frontrunner is a raving lunatic who belongs in prison, and the economy under Biden has been a great success, so good luck with that Ronna.

BARTIROMO: Well you just mentioned people to become poll watchers. People want to know if the RNC is going to protect them. Ronna, I’d like to know what you all are doing about these people getting indicted because they were a special elector.

“Special elector.” You mean fake elector, Maria.

BARTIROMO: I mean, I’m told that, and you’re talking about Michigan. The Michigan AG is going after all the Republican electors. There’s an 81-year-old woman in Michigan who’s looking at an indictment because she was an elector. How are you planning on getting more electors to say yeah, okay, I’ll join the, you know, t group and become an elector. I’m a lawyer. I’ll give advice to Republicans if they’re facing an indictment.

MCDANIEL: Well we have to win, Maria, and this is part of the Democrat plan is to put people in such jeopardy and scare them so much that they will leave the system, that they want be a lawyer, that they won’t be an elector. This is their plan.

So we have the best senate map we’re going to have in twelve years. We have to win back the Senate. We have to hold the House and keep Kevin McCarthy as Speaker and then we have to win the White House, so we can push back on these extreme Democrats who are trying to punish people for just being part of the political dialogue.

And that is not good for our country and we have to make sure that we win so we can protect these voters.

BARTIROMO: Yeah, no, it’s not good, and ordinary people want to know if the RNC is going to protect them. Are you going to spend energy and time and money on that?

MCDANIEL: Absolutely. We have lawyers on the ground. We’ve already been there, and this is part of our protect the vote initiative as well, is we’re going to have lawyers in every single precinct. We’re going to have lawyers involved in every state. We had 19 counsels last cycle. We’re going to expand that and we’re going to have poll watcher s and workers, but that is part of protecting the election and we also have to protect people to make sure they aren’t going to be penalized for being part of the political system.

They’re not being “penalized for being part of the political system.” They’re being “penalized” for breaking the law. And some of them are ready to throw Trump and his lawyers under the bus.

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