Fox News Bans 'Trump Surrogates' From Debate Spin Room

Well, well, trouble in paradise for Fox and the Trump campaign. Trump is skipping Wednesday’s debate, but the campaign thought they’d be able to “flood the spin zone” with surrogates for the after-debate conversation. Fox said no. Axios:

Fox restricted access to the post-debate “spin room” at Fiserv Forum to aides of candidates who are participating in the debate, according to a network memo obtained by Axios.

Trump senior aides who had indicated they’d be in the spin room — where campaigns tout their candidate and rip their foes — now will be able to enter only if they’re guests of media organizations, per the memo.

Is “The Kimberly Guilfoyle Show on Rumble” a media organization?

What about Newsmax? Betcha they invite the entire Trump entourage. That is, if Fox gives Newsmax press credentials. Heh.

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