Fox Demands Republicans Take On 'Entitlements' During Debate

I had trouble making heads or tails out of half of this conversation, but it sounded like Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade and his guest Tammy Bruce both want Republicans to go after both Social Security during this Wednesday’s debate and Bruce wants them to go after aid to Ukraine as well.

They started out talking about whether any of the lesser-known candidates might have a chance to “steal the spotlight” without Trump there and discussed who did well and who flamed out in past debates, before dissing both Christie and Pence as being anti-Trump. Then they moved onto their advice for the rest of the candidates with Bruce getting more and more animated as the conversation went on.

BRUCE: They’re going to have to genuinely perform, and how do you perform under pressure? We need to know those things. So it’s going to be very exciting. And then the other thing is, where do you stand on Ukraine, foreign policy and Social Security, etc.?

KILMEADE: You know, what I think is interesting is I don’t just disagree with President Trump on January 6th, when it comes to entitlements, you’ve got to take it on, and you have to back Ukraine. That’s a little bit different. So 80 percent of the agenda, I’m there. The other 20 percent, I’m not.

BRUCE: And it’s a bit 20 percent, because why would you call it entitlements that have to be dealt with when, in fact, why is it always on our back, Social Security? Why not get rid of the education department? Get rid of the energy department. Cut the cost of government. If we don’t have enough money to pay for everything, cut your own house first before you cut ours!! Enough that everyone is talking about, well, we’re going to have to, like, do with less.

KILMEADE: Well, in ten years, it’s going to be insolvent.

BRUCE: Well, look, the government is out of… maybe we should ask for some money from Ukraine back. We find all that money for Ukraine. That’s the conversation, right? That’s the kind of conversation. Who is going to bring that up that? Who is going to take that stand?

If anyone can make sense of this word salad claptrap, let us know. Here’s to hoping Republicans listen to them and say the quiet part out loud with their plans for Social Security. We’ll see how well that works out for them. Hey GOP, by all means, please listen to Bruce and Kilmeade.

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