Fox Airs Trump's Lies About No Jury For Civil Fraud Trial

Apparently Fox doesn’t want their audience to know that Trump’s lawyers are the ones that screwed the pooch here.

During a break from the third day of his civil fraud case in New York, Fox showed a clip of Trump railing outside of the courtroom, which is what he’s been doing regularly ever since the trial began, blaming everyone and their grandmother other than himself for his dilemma.

During his most recent diatribe, Trump barked, “This trial is a total witch hunt, and I should be entitled to a jury, like everybody else is entitled to a jury! I have no rights to have a jury! It’s ridiculous!” before storming off, with Fox cutting back to host Harris Faulkner for commentary.

Of course, since this is Fox, there was no fact-checking involved, so this is all Harris said in response was “Alright, so that was really quick, because they were just on a break. We’ll watch it throughout the day, and bring you any new developments outside of this.”

How about you tell them the reason he didn’t have a jury trial is because his lawyer is a huge f-up and didn’t request one?

Don’t expect any truth from her or any of the rest of them during their follow up either.

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