Fetterman Reacts In Mock Horror To GOP Impeachment Inquiry News

With news that Kevin McCarthy is kowtowing to the far-right and Trump by opening an impeachment inquiry, Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman couldn’t contain his disdain for the absurd cowardice of the Republican Party.

Source: Business Insider

On Tuesday, Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy announced his plan to direct committees to open an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden after he said GOP members “uncovered serious and credible allegations” against the president in recent months.

Asked about McCarthy’s decision immediately after it was formally announced, Democratic Sen. John Fetterman appeared less than impressed.

“Oh my God really? Oh my gosh, you know, oh it’s devastating,” he said before falling into a fit of laughter. “OOOoOoOOoOoOOOOh don’t do it, please don’t do it. Oh no, oh no!”

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