Fat Elvis: Online Bookies Taking Wagers On Trump's Weigh-in Weight

Trump might not be the fattest man ever to become President (that honour is reserved for the 27th President William Howard Taft, who is said to have weighed around 330lbs while in office), but he is certainly among the top three heaviest. While a corrupt White House doctor gave his weight as only 239 while in office, the bookies and the punters putting up their money think he’s at least 273lbs.

One thing’s for sure, we’ll know for certain on Thursday when he’s booked in Georgia.

UPDATE: As of this writing, the over/under has now gone up to 278.

Source: Daily Mail

As the deadline for Donald Trump to surrender for booking in Georgia looms, online sportsbooks are going wild with proposition bets on everything from his tie color to his body weight at booking.

One bookmaker site, Antigua-based BetOnline, on Friday offered an over/under of 273.5 pounds for Trump’s weight upon his surrender to authorities in Fulton County, noted gambling news Instagram account TheJuice.

Over/unders, which are also often used to bet on the point total of a sporting event, allow the gambler to select whether they believe the outcome will be higher or lower than amount selected by oddsmakers.

According to BetOnline employee Dave Mason, 77 percent of gamblers have taken the over bet on Trump’s weight so far, spurring the sportsbook to increase the total by eight pounds.

That might rankle the former president, who on Thursday lashed out at Fox News, accusing the network of using unflattering photographs that make him look ‘big’ and ‘orange’ with his ‘chin pulled way back’.

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