Fani Willis Kicks Mark Meadows’ Butt Over Surrender Delay

It’s hard to think of a more slippery character than Mark Meadows. He has obviously flipped on Trump to some degree but also held back in other ways.

As Joy Reid pointed out, Meadows was a key witness to Donald Trump’s alleged criminal conduct but was not listed as a co-conspirator in prosecutor Jack Smith’s federal election interference case against him. In fact, Meadows was barely mentioned at all in the indictment. He has also kept a low profile in recent months.

Meadows’ strategy does not seem to be working out so well in Georgia, however. As Reid put it, Meadows is now “front and center as one of the 19 co-defendants in the Georgia election interference case.”

Two weeks ago, District Attorney Fani Willis gave all the defendants a deadline of noon on Friday, August 25, to turn themselves in. But Meadows, who is trying to get his case moved to federal court, doesn’t want to abide by that deadline. He asked Willis for a short extension until after his removal hearing, set for Monday.

Willis is having none of it. Reid quoted from her “short and to the point” response: “I am not granting any extensions. I gave two weeks for people to surrender themselves to the court. Your client is no different than any other criminal defendant in this jurisdiction. The two weeks was a tremendous courtesy. At 12:30 p.m. on Friday, I shall file warrants in the system.” Smackdown delivered!

Willis will file a formal response in federal court, Reid said.

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