Ex-Trump White House Doc Lashes Out Over Report On Drug Abuse

It’s no secret that Rep. Ronny Jackson, Trump’s former White House doctor, has indulged in drugs. It’s well-documented, and not just from his behavior. Jackson was even nicknamed ‘the Candyman.’

The Department of Defense Inspector General issued a scathing review of Jackson in 2021, “concluding that he made “sexual and denigrating” comments about a female subordinate, violated the policy for drinking alcohol while on a presidential trip, and took prescription-strength sleeping medication that prompted concerns from his colleagues about his ability to provide proper care.”

Now Dr. Feelgood is upset with Rolling Stone over its article detailing the drugs that were handed out during Trump’s time in office, including a type of speed and Xanax. One source told the outlet, “It was kind of like the Wild West. Things were pretty loose. Whatever someone needs, we were going to fill this.” The report says the White House was “awash in speed.” That’s not at all difficult to believe.

This is on top of the Office of the Inspector General saying in a news release in late January that the problems it uncovered in the White House clinic were “severe and systemic.”

Jackson is almost outing himself in a post on Xitter. I get it, dude. I used to get mad when I was caught doing drugs 25 years ago, too. The Candyman called the outlet a “liberal rag” and described the article as “propaganda.”

Welp, now we know why Republicans demean Hunter Biden for overcoming the disease of addiction. They never overcame theirs.

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