Even John Solomon Admits Hunter Biden Depo Was A Fail

Guys, if you haven’t done so already, take the time and go listen to Hal Sparks read the entire Hunter Biden Deposition transcript. It’s four hours and WORTH IT.

And Steve Bannon, Matt Gaetz, and John Solomon have to manage their audience’s expectations now. It’s time to tell the MAGA hordes that “the investigation is all over the map,” that the “moderates and RINOs don’t have the stomach for going to the next level,” and that the problem here isn’t that they’ve GOT NOTHING on the so-called “Biden Crime family” and have been LYING to the Trump base for literally years about Hunter Biden’s so-called laptop. The problem here is that the Republicans on the committee (“not pointing fingers here” says Bannon) “didn’t develop a narrative.”

Can we mention that Matt Gaetz is actually on the committee? . Such a fail.

Transcript of the Solomon excuse-fest is via Media Matters:

STEVE BANNON (GUEST): Let’s get to the unpleasant part first. Gaetz said yesterday on this show, broke some news, he said, ‘hey, I don’t think, I said, reality is, I don’t think we’re going to an impeachment because I think, he didn’t want to point any fingers but this investigation is a little all over the map and doesn’t have the maniacal focus you need to move things forward.’ He thought there were enough moderates and RINOs that just didn’t have the stomach for going to the next level.


BANNON: I spent some time with Matt Gaetz last night and he reinforced that as we went through this and that’s why your article is so important. So, first off, give me your assessment of where exactly we are, you’ve been the number one guy for the last, I don’t know, seven or eight years on top of this story and this new story you’ve got breaking today, how is that going to drive the narrative that we need to get justice against the Biden crime family?

SOLOMON: Yeah, let’s start with where we are in the impeachment process. I don’t think that the Republicans scored any points in their star witness deposition, which was Hunter Biden. They just didn’t move the needle, they didn’t confront him as aggressively as you would expect, they didn’t develop a narrative. Great inquisitions, when you’re on the stand in the trial with cross examination or direct exam, you develop a narrative.

This transcript of this deposition of Hunter Biden developed no narrative at all. It’s discombobulated, Hunter Biden seemed to own the narrative more by injecting confusion and cocaine and everything else into his thing. They did not keep him focused. They did not break any new ground, they did not seem to know what some of his answers were going to be. You never go into a deposition not knowing what the answers are going to be, right? You should’ve done all your work.

That said, they got a lot confirmed, they developed a lot of evidence, but the key to getting to an impeachment is to have a clear and compelling and convincing narrative and I don’t think the House Republicans have achieved that yet. They’re doing a lot of good investigative work but they haven’t sold the country on what is the wrongdoing here and they spent too much time bickering on the Democrats points instead of driving their own points.

Such a shame that they had actual Democrats at the deposition to call out their horseshit.

And that Hunter Biden actually stayed on task and refuted them when they lied about him. You know who WASN’T at most of the deposition? JAMES COMER.


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