Eric: My Dad And Family Members Never Profited From His Presidency

During an interview, Eric Trump declared that his father, the twice impeached four times indicted former President, sacrificed so much for this country. When you listen to Don Jr., you know he’s coked up out of his head, but what’s wrong with Eric? And what is that’s at the bottom of the screen while Eric is talking? I have questions!

There are plenty of people, the only family in probably United States history that didn’t enrich themselves when they went into government is the Trump family,” Eric falsely said as his pants caught fire. “But, you know, my father didn’t give a damn.”

“He went in there; he loves this country,” he continued. “He is the epitome of the American dream. He built an incredible empire.”

“I mean, look what he’s done in his life,” he added. “And he didn’t give a damn if it was going to cost him a billion or two billion or whatever it was.”

He makes me so stabby. A 1967 anti-nepotism law should have prevented Little Eric’s father from surrounding himself with family members in the White House, so he didn’t pay Ivanka or Jared. He got around the law. Trump did what most mafia figures did and kept his family close with ties to the business. The problem is that the ‘business’ was our country.

Vanky got a fuckton of trademarks granted to her by the Chinese government. After her father became President, she got approved about 40% faster than she requested before Donald Trump’s victory in 2016. When Dad was in power, Jared quickly cozied up to the Bone Saw Prince. On their way out, they secured a $2 billion deal for a job over his head. We’re only discussing trademarks and weird deals with the Saudi Crown Prince.

We haven’t even gotten into how Donald would force the Secret Service to stay at his hotels while ginning up the price of the rooms.

Trump vowed to divest from his businesses, but he did not. Forbes estimated that the former President’s Business brought in a whopping $2.4 Billion during his four-year term.

Eric also claimed that everything Trump touched turned to gold:

Trump’s failed businesses:
1. Trump Steaks
2. GoTrump
3. Trump Airlines
4. Trump Vodka
5. Trump Mortgage
6. Trump: The Game
7. Trump Magazine
8. Trump University
9. Trump Ice
10. The New Jersey Generals
11. Tour de Trump
12. Trump Network
13. Trumped!

1. Trump Taj Mahal
2. Trump’s Castle
3. Trump Plaza Casinos
4. Trump Plaza Hotel
5. Trump Hotels and Casinos Resorts
6. Trump Entertainment Resorts

Most recently: Trump only made $200 from his Truth Social platform.

And you don’t try to overthrow an election in a country you “love.”

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