Donnie Dollhands Lists His Weight As 215 Lbs – Internet Not Having It

There’s a truism about Donald Trump that if he’s still breathing he’s lying. And that was certainly the case last night when he reported his weight as a svelte 215. Bookies had put the over/under at closer to 280.

Like most compulsive liars, Trump does this sort of thing automatically, without thinking. But also in this case he does with a deliberate purpose in mind, and that is to “rile up the libtards.” (His spelling mistakes, like “Stollen” are also deliberate.) He does it because his base loves the nod and the wink of it, and he does so because he almost always gets away with it. I doubt if it even occurred to him that in his first tweet in two years he wrote “Never Surrender”, just as he surrendered to be booked. Donald Trump’s fun and games are about to end.

Source: New York Post

Weight, what?

Former President Donald Trump lost 25 pounds — and gained an inch of height — since April, according to jail records filed Thursday after he surrendered to Fulton County authorities on charges related to his alleged efforts to overturn the 2020 election results in Georgia.

The 77-year-old’s measurements, which were pre-reported, according to ABC News, indicate that Trump is 215 pounds with a height of 6’3″ —25 pounds lighter and 1 inch taller than when he was booked in Manhattan in April.

Trump’s weight left many users on X, formerly known as Twitter, incredulous.

The Internet was both amused and disgusted.

Trump’s former lawyer wasn’t having it.

Hilary and Barack reacting, as well as Kamala Harris, to Trump’s audacity.

Athletes, for comparison.

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