Donald Trump's Niece Says Cheating Is A Way Of Life For Him – She Says He Paid Someone To Take His SAT Exam So He Could Get Into Business School


The ongoing feud between former President Donald Trump and his niece, Mary Trump, has been evident in public, particularly during Trump’s civil fraud trial. Mary used social media platforms to comment on the trial, labeling her uncle a “maniac.” As the daughter of Fred Trump Jr. and Linda Clapp, Mary has never hesitated to express her disdain for her uncle’s actions and overall character.

The discord within the Trump family became more pronounced following the death of patriarch Fred Trump Sr. in 1999. At that time, Mary and her brother contested their grandfather’s will, which left them a smaller portion of the inheritance compared to other Trump grandchildren.

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In 2020, Mary Trump, a clinical psychologist, released a tell-all book, “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man.” In the book, she provides an insider’s perspective on the family dynamics that shaped Donald Trump’s personality and behavior. She accuses her uncle of engaging in a pattern of cheating and deceit throughout his life, saying he practices “cheating as a way of life.”

One of the book’s most controversial claims is that Donald Trump paid someone to take his SAT exam, which helped him gain admission to the prestigious Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. This allegation, reported by The New York Times after obtaining a copy of the book, adds fuel to the ongoing family feud.

In response to the SAT cheating claim, White House Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Matthews vehemently denied the accusation. She said that the book is merely serving the financial interests of its author and labeled the SAT allegation as “completely false.” Matthews also questioned the timing of the book’s release and Mary Trump’s motivations for writing it.

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Trump studied at Fordham University for two years before transferring to Penn’s Wharton School. Fred Trump Jr., reportedly sought the help of his friend James Nolan, who was a Penn admissions officer at the time, to assist with the transfer. Nolan described the admissions process as “not very difficult” in a Washington Post interview in 2019.

Despite hounding President Barack Obama to release his own transcripts in 2011, Trump has reportedly never released his college transcripts. Although he claimed to graduate first in his class, Insider reported that Trump’s name was not on the dean’s list in 1968, the year he graduated.

The University of Pennsylvania instituted a policy last summer to revoke degrees if a graduate is found to have provided false information on an admission application, cheated on an exam or tampered with records, according to The Daily Pennsylvanian.

While the claims made by Mary Trump in her book have fueled the longstanding feud with her uncle, not every successful businessman needs a business school degree. History is filled with examples of individuals who have foregone the traditional educational route and instead opted for innovation and startup investments to achieve success. Business is constantly evolving, with new ideas and startups playing a crucial role in driving that change.

By investing in these innovative ventures, individuals can contribute to and shape the future of various industries. This highlights the importance of looking beyond traditional paths and recognizing the value of diverse approaches to achieving success.

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