Diminished Donald Can't Answer A Simple Policy Question

Earlier this morning on Fox and Friends, traitor Trump was unable to explain to viewers what policies or actions he would use to help fight inflationary costs on food and energy instead focusing on MAGA supporters at an Allen, Texas diner broadcast before the interview.

MAGA darling and F&F co-host Lawrence Jones teed up the golf-obsessed former guy with a question as simple as asking about the weather.

“What are you going to do to give us some relief when it comes to inflation,” Jones asked. “People going to the, you know, whether it’s the gas station or the grocery store, they are being hit hard. How do you fix that in the first 100 days?”

Trump’s addled mind had no answer but his narcissistic need to be worshiped took control.

“First of all let me speak to the people in the diner,” Trump replied.

(Fox News routinely fills up these rural “common folk” diners with Trump supporters and uses them to attack President Biden and prop up criminals like Trump. It should also be noted that the inflation rate is low and steady, but that doesn’t stop them from pretending it’s high and terrible.)

Diminished Donald was elated that they support him 100%.

“Well first of all let me speak to the people in the diner,” he said. “I saw the vote was 100% for Trump, none for my opponent and I love you in the diner.”

“I will take care of you and we’re going to drill baby drill and we are going to get prices down, energy is going to bring it all down,” Trump promised. “We’re going to get a lot of that oil — garbled– we’re going to get the oil and gas right from Texas and other places, but from Texas largely.”

“Will (Cain) said are you for Trump and the whole place went crazy. What about Haley — nobody. One person. So all of those people in the diner, I love you.”

Co-host Brian Kilmeade realized Trump couldn’t answer the questions so he transitioned back to Nikki Haley’s candidacy.

Trump has no clue about anything including oil production and Fox News always is willing to play the useful idiots. A cursory glance at oil production in the US would tell viewers that “in December, U.S. crude oil production was estimated to have reached a record high of 13.3 million bpd. Production notched an annual record of 13.21 million bpd in 2023.”

Under President Biden, the US had record breaking oil production.

Trump couldn’t really answer the question because he and his fascist friends wants to impose more tariffs, which will raise prices even more. So he dodged.

Diminished Don’s head seems to be the only thing in need of “drill baby drill.” But of course, Fox News gave him a pass. Again.

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