Costco's Latest Bakery Item Is Anything But Sweet — But Delicious Nonetheless

For many people, the highlight of shopping at Costco is getting to pick up some yummy sweets from the store’s bakery section. Whether it’s mega-sized muffins or a massive cheesecake, you’re apt to find something that tempts you. And given Costco’s generally competitive prices, you won’t even have to feel bad about your resulting credit card tab.

But Costco has recently introduced a new item in its bakery lineup that’s actually not all that sweet. And you may want to hunt it down and bring it home immediately. 

How does chile-flavored cornbread sound to you?

Costco’s Kirkland Chile Cornbread is a savory concoction with a bit of a kick — hence the chiles. And so far, customer reviews seem positive. 

Now, if Costco’s cornbread is based on the recipe used for its corn muffins, a bakery mainstay, you can expect a side dish that’s not too dry and not too sweet. And the addition of the chiles easily propels it out of the dessert category and into the “actual food” category. Plus, at a price of $6.99, you might have a hard time whipping up a homemade batch for less. You might, in fact, save money if you’re tasked with making cornbread for a family picnic or function (though do note that Costco prices can vary by location). 

Here’s another great thing about the new Kirkland Chile Cornbread. Normally, it’s kind of hard to justify a Costco bakery buy when you’re not freezing some of it or serving it to a crowd. But since cornbread can function as a side dish for chili and other stews, you don’t need to be hosting an event to justify buying it. You might, for example, decide to whip up a pot of chili for your family one Sunday, serve cornbread on the side, and then enjoy that combination throughout the week as leftovers.

You may also want to keep Kirkland Chile Cornbread on hand as Thanksgiving approaches. Cornbread is a common side dish for that event. And while you might generally prefer to go the homemade route, for $6.99, it’s hard to pass up the opportunity to outsource some of your baking.

A low-risk proposition

Taking a chance on new products commonly means running the risk of losing money if you don’t end up enjoying or being able to finish what you’ve purchased. But here, your risk is minimal. 

If you’re someone who likes cornbread and doesn’t mind a bit of heat, then chances are, you’ll like Costco’s version. But even if you find it too spicy, you can tame that spice with a little dollop of sour cream. And if you find Costco’s version too dry, buttering it should do the trick. Plus, if you’re planning to serve it alongside chili, that, too, takes care of the dryness factor. 

Of course, if you really don’t end up liking your cornbread, and you don’t make too much of a dent in it, you can probably bring it back to Costco for a refund. The warehouse club giant is really good about issuing refunds for food products that don’t meet customers’ expectations. So all told, you really don’t have too much to lose by giving the new Kirkland Chile Cornbread a try.

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