Comer: 'Cash Strapped' Joe Selling 'Access To Our Enemies'

House Oversight Chair James Comer (R-KY) has been coming up empty at every turn while trying to find anything on President Joe Biden and his son Hunter. It’s become embarrassing and farcical. Case in point: Comer’s interview on Sen. Ted Cruz’s podcast.

“I think that Joe Biden has been selling access to our enemies for decades,” Comer said without offering any proof to back that up.

The Texas Republican asked, “What’s your basis for that?”

Comer insisted, “If you study Joe Biden like I have, he’s always been cash-strapped.”

“He’s never had a successful career in investing or anything like that,” he falsely said out loud while forgetting that Trump is a serial bankruptcy filer. “Then you look at the assets he’s accumulated on a Senate salary; it’s pretty impressive.”

So, let me get this right. President Biden has been selling our country’s valuable secrets and he’s cash-strapped? Make it make sense. Biden is a multimillionaire, along with his wife. The First Couple has cash and investments in various properties. Much of President Biden’s wealth has come from book deals and speaking fees.

The Bidens release their tax returns to the public every year. Guess who hasn’t.

Also, the Bidens don’t have a daughter and son-in-law who secured a $2 billion investment from a fund led by the Crown Prince Bone Saw of Saudi Arabia.

And Biden isn’t raiding his campaign funds to pay attorney’s fees, either.

Biden also has never owned a District of Columbia hotel which “rented” 500 hotel rooms to the Saudis without one Saudi actually staying there.

Interesting that Trump sold that hotel after leaving office.

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