Chuck Todd To GOP Candidate: 'Remarkable' How 'Uncomfortable' You Are Bashing Trump

NBC host Chuck Todd called out Republican presidential candidate Doug Burgum after he appeared “uncomfortable” criticizing former President Donald Trump.

“You know, it’s been interesting to me in a couple of interviews, plus in the one we’ve just had now, you’ve been quite comfortable bringing up Hunter Biden on Joe Biden,” Todd opined. “But it’s remarkable to me how uncomfortable you, and you’re not alone here, you are bringing up the legal problems and the charges against Donald Trump.”

“And I get it, it’s fear of alienating a majority of where the party is,” the NBC host continued. “But it’s sort of odd.”

Todd added: “Wouldn’t somebody being charged for with 91 criminal counts be somebody that you’d want to see drop out of the race? I mean, should they even be running for office?”

Burgum, however, did not give a direct answer.

“Well, again, Chuck, this is a voters get to decide who runs for office in America,” the governor said. “And whether it’s a local election, or whether it’s a state or federal, the voters are the ones that ultimately get to decide. And again, if we’re going to live in a democracy, at some point, we’ve got to trust the voters.

“But it is interesting that you don’t want to share your opinion on this,” Todd replied. “I think some voters will be frustrated by that.”

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